Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Ville (Not Victor's)

Went out into the little alley way we are allowed to walk around in and saw some funny shit. They sell chicken on a stick, when you are done you need to break the stick or they will re-use it. I bought a korean bottled pepsi and opened it up to find that the bottle was used before, probably multiple times. Almost every old korean lady or man that has a store is called either Mom or Pop. I know that isnt their real name...liars. Also there is a DVD "store" where you can buy 5 for $10 10 for $20 and so on. Its less of a DVD store and more like the trap. For real, you pick the Bootlegged movies you want (alot of which are still in theaters) then you hand that list to a russian lady and she runs off and gets the merch. I felt like I was buying drugs. All the people were really friendly and they even had a Stinky Foot Store. It was more or less the Tijuana of Korea i think. put it simply. Here are the pix, soak it in buddy.

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Colorado Grandma said...

Hey DangerTeamDaniel:
Good pix from Korea. Are you sure it's chicken on a stick? Might be dog! Have you been assigned to any duties yet or just hangin' out?
Bye' from God's country Colorado.