Friday, August 29, 2008

Us Versus Hangovers

Rolled into work with Bert this morning and chilled for most of the day at the wonderful Versus store here in town. Took some pics of some of the amazing art they have up right now. Shit was proper son

The shitty thing about all that is I got wasted last night and somehow lost my left contact, so I can only see out of one eye right now. Shits wizeak!

Tonight I'm off to Fullerton for Kid Cudi and some electro monster mashing. Its a graveyard smash idiots.

More on that later, good bye for now

Live Dangerously,
Daniel.Middle Name: DANGER

We hit the scene and proceeded to turn that party out. We upped the fun factor by at least 60%. But you know thats how we roll baby. Here's some flix...

Went out for a wild night on the town last night. Ended up hanging out with a bunch of the Active fam. We got down on some Beer pong and some flip cup and some drinky drink. A couple of us guys ended up in the pool at one point, I dont know why. Now I dont have any underwear...freeballin'. Here is how we started the night...
Just the boys rockin out to some Avril...the next song got us freakin all jacked up

Over all a really great night spent with great peeps. There were far too many V-necks up in there though. Lots of fly ass senoritas and plenty of beer turned the night into a debauchery packed wonder journey. Unfortunately I was so focused on drinking that I didnt try and smooth talk any ladies. I kick rocks

Until next time, Live Dangerously

Love Me
Daniel.Middle Name: DANGER

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Folkin Great!

Im a closet Folk music lover and these two sisters from Sweden give me goosebumps. First Aid Kit is their name, and charming melodies is their game. This is them doing a cover of the Fleet Foxes "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"

props to for the exposure

Mini-Tom Cruise

Cheyniac put me on to this gem...look at that little freaks arm?! Creepy for sure. - Watch more free videos

Beach Day Bonanza

Me and T-Pain went up to Laguna for a day in the sand. It was an amazing clear day, perfect weather, crystal clear water. Not much more you can ask for from a beach trip. It was the first time I had been to the beach in almost a year, man it is good to be back. Peep the photo shoot!

Like a Greek God!

Check out the couple behind her...makin out and beach humpin all day. Creeps!

Just gently caressing myself, no big deal

Damn you small pox bandaid

I'd like to live here....forever

The infamous "1000 Steps" A bitch to walk back up

An ad for the new Hundreds catalog
There are more but I dont wanna upload em all...anyways thanks to ToTo for the amazing day, and thank me for thinking of it. I love So-Cal.
Live Dangerous,
Daniel. Middle Name: DANGER

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cherry Poppin Daddy

Like the rest of the hip world of hipsters and blogger types, I too am jumping in to see how the water feels. Except there is no water, that was a euphamism. Or was it? Anyway, I am creating this blogtastic waste of time so I can keep everyone up to date on my soon to be MIA ass. It's easier to blog than it is to Space yadda I mean?

Once in Korea, I'll give ya'll updates on the latest beer party, or city adventure, or Korean fight that I happen upon. So, welcome aboard the DangerTeamDaniel express. Party for one, viewable for all.

Live Dangerous,

Daniel. Middle Name : DANGER