Sunday, September 14, 2008

From the Korean Front

Yo yo yo. So i made it here, and i am more than pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this country. Im in the south of the country at the moment and I dont have any pictures yet (deal with it!) cause I havent bought the camera i want yet...buuuut i have made some funny observations so far.

First, the scenery is incredible. Islands with mountains and green as far as you can see. Waterways running through major cities and everywhere bridges to cross said water. In the middle of the islands and mountainous regions lay sprawling urban megaplexes. No normal houses for Koreans, just huge sky scraping apartment towers.

Second, nearly ever car on the road is either White, Black, or Silver. I dont know if there is a shortage of car colors or if it just the culture, but it is pretty funny.

Third, upon landing at Incheon International i started to notice an amazing trend. I saw a shortage of Korean men. I also saw an over abundance of hot little asian mommies. This is by far my favorite observation as of yet.

Now I hear tell that the base I will be stationed at is outside of a dirty little city, but im hoping the girl trend still applies. Also, I got a haircut and a massage for 19 dollars US. Unfortunately that didnt come with a happy surprise, but I cant count it as a loss. Oh and One Dollar = 1000 Wons. Hah

Thats it for now, go find something to do!

Live Dangerous
Love Daniel

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